Skills to build live link betwenn MIDAS CIVIL and grasshopper

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I am using MIDAS CIVIL to conduct structural analysis of a model. If using python, can anyone direct me how to do so,

Hi @jia.yeap,

Does this product have an SDK? If so, then you might be able to use our Rhino.Inside technology.

– Dale

I am currently developing a plugin to link grasshopper and Midas. It is still work in progress but I hope I’ll be able to share it soon.
You may check in the following video a bridge and also some other structures where I implemented the plugin.


Brilliant work, @drilonshabani. Is this available to trial out?


I am a bridge designer and our company works with the Rhinoceros and Grasshopper a lot. I would like
to try your plugin as we use MIDAS Civil as well. Where we can get your plugin? Is it free? Can we try it for a trial?
Thansk for your reply.

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Ondřej Janota


@drilonshabani, can you help with the above?

First of all, thank you for your interest.
Actually, I have released the plugin a few weeks ago! I will be adding more features in the next update but this was an early release since many offices pushed me to send the plugin earlier!

This is the link to download a 30-day trial.

I have added a sample file and I hope in the next few days I can finish the documentation for the plugin.

Thank you very much.

Keen to try your plugin. What is the price of the plugin?


I’m glad you find it useful.
For more information about the plugin, please contact me at