Skewed Quads with Irregular Boundary Curves


I am trying to apply the “Skewed Quads” component to a set of boundary curves and I would like to maintain the same evenly sized quads across all the areas.

My first thought was to manually draw the defining curves (see curve1.png) but realized as I went through this, it may be easier to create the boundary curves based on the skewed quads UV inputs to maintain a parametric model.

The idea is to have these curves offset (see curve2.png)

Then the hope is to apply a skewed quad component evenly across the boundary curves, for example (see Quads1.png)

As you can see from below, applying a skewed quad based on the perimeter (rectangular) curve shows the misaligned angles and also the misaligned points. It would be preferred to keep the points of the quads aligned to the horizontal lines (see Quads2.png).

After attempting this, I would like some help with the following:

  1. Using the base surface of the skewed quad, and the UV inputs, parametrically define a path through the skewed quads, (similar to the original intent), which will maintain the curves being aligned to the angles of the quads. (see Quads3.png)

  1. Offset the path to create four boundary curves (essentially creating a branch/vein like shape).

  2. Apply the skewed quads so they all maintain the same angle and size across all the boundary curves.
    3a. I understand this offset may cause issues with alignment. I would like to see what the computation shows us.
    3b. I understand the angles in the opposite direction will result in some trimmed quads. This is ok, but hoping to keep that to a minimum.

My attempt - I extracted specific vertices of the quads so I could create the polyline which I quickly realized this wouldn’t work if I was to change the UV count of the base quads - the relationship of the points shifted and the desired curve was lost.

Is the lunchbox component the right tool?, or is a manual approach better?

It would be nice to be able to control the angle of the skew too.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

skewed quads (15.0 KB)

skewed quads (38.7 KB)

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Thank you! - a lot more complicated than I thought.
I appreciate your time.