SketchUp Objects into Rhino?

I have brought a model into RHino from Sketchup, and I don’t think it’s behaving properly.
Slow exploding blocks, scaling, moving, grouping. Crashes.
Maybe there’s a trick I’m missing.
Save time has gone way up.

Hello - Sketchup objects tend to have massively nested blocks - it is true they are not always very efficient in Rhino, especially if there are objects like trees that have a zillion leaves.


Thanks pascal. These objects are couple of hundred reitrations multiply-nested blocks of one or two basic shapes, with tiled jpgs applied. Would you recommend exploding everything?

At the moment I am looking at doing away with the applied images. Complexity is added because I have scaled the blocks in one object non-uniformly. (Editing non-uniformly scaled blocks)

Hm… I am not sure I know … the bogging-down that I am more familiar with from skp files is this block nesting thing they do with ‘components’ - it may be that the images are also a problem in themselves if they are proliferating and not referring back to just a small number of actual image files or something. I’d try exploding…