Sketchup Layouts to Rhino Layouts

I can find tutorials to translate sketchup models to Rhino modelspace.

Looking to learn about importing SketchUp Layout elements to Rhino Layout space.

Anyone? There’s nothing on line. There are a couple of threads about exporting to AutoCAD, but that’s it. I can get the Sketchup Viewport content to come in as a vector, but nothing in paper space will transfer over.

Sketchup itself doesn’t even see those elements on importing them back in, and it turns out this is normal.

It appears that the only way is to export as .dwg from SkUp, Open in AutoCAD, save as .dwg from there, and then open that in Rhino. This preserves viewports as viewports (with flattened content though) and dimensions as dimensions though leaders are exploded.

Reports of other experiences are welcome.