Sketchup file with image import

This .skp file is imported incorrectly, the image used as a face is positioned wrong.
telus_router.rar (1.1 MB)

Hi igvk - I get an error opening the rar file, here.


I see that too with this file, thanks for the report. There won’t be another Rhino 5 service release to address this but I did check if it happened in the Rhino 6 WIP and it imported in the correct orientation there. The one issue I do have in the WIP is that the alpha is not being used properly for this png. I tested some other png files with alpha transparency on the same mesh plane and they worked so I believe there is something specific to this image that is causing the problem.

Can you post just the png for me to investigate this further? If I save it out of the WIP by editing via Paint I lose the alpha.

BrianJ, here is this image.

Thank you