Sketching on surface- highlight issue

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It will help a lot for Sketching on Surface to have a way to turn off the selection light-up on the Srf.
ATM it is so very cluttered with lit up Isocurves in see-through…

The intention is to use SketchOnSrf with FancyCurves
to design engraving patterns on rings.

Can the Srf please, be made to return to it’s unselected look after it is selected as the base for sketching.

Thanks a lot


@Akash I moved your post to a new thread so we can keep the original topic focused on the 3d sketching workflow. Your question is a different tool and workflow. Hope that’s ok.

to answer your question, I agree, this should return to it’s non highlighted state-

bug filed here.

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Fixed in the latest v8 wip

This has also been fixed in the Rhino 7 Service Release 18 Release Candidate that was just released (see RH-68007).