Sketchbox - ortho views

Not sure if this is the right place to suggest an idea for R7, but I was wodering if any thought has been given to creating a “sketchbox” for lack of a better word. This allows the user to input the top, front, and side views into an open box so the user can create an object with the different views as a reference point. I’ve included what I think is a possible image of what it might look like. This would be very helpful when creating an organic model from an existing object. Maybe this already exists?


Hello - using Picture will let you make exactly this - use the transparency settings on the Picture material to make it easier to work with if needed and place the planes on their own layer for easy on/off/locking.


Thanks, Pascal. Not quite as intuitive as I’d hoped, but with practice I’m sure I can get it to work.

This is a really cool idea. It does suck it’s not as intuitive, but I wonder if a grasshopper script can be used. I’m gonna try that for sure! I’ll post something when I finally have time to try to create it.

Thanks! I don’t do any scripting but I would like to give your idea a try when it is done…