Sketch tool settings

when I use the sketch tool the lines are funky and idiosyncratic…i like that. when I hit return it modifies the line out into a soft curves… where can I set the resolution of the sketch tool so that it does not drop out all of the interesting bits.


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Hi Michael - I don’t think there is any way to get the more jittery line that you are after, though I suspect it is probably trivial to return that more ‘primitive’ curve or polyline and not smooth it - I’ll ask.


What was the result of this query? @pascal

Hello - I added a comment to the bug track item but it is still languishing at the moment, it looks like. If I find out more I’ll add a note here.


Hello, I’m curious about the potential of the sketch tool too. Is there now a way to choose the smoothing of the line? I know there is this feature in Illustrator and Vectorworks and it is very useful. It would be very nice to choose between different smoothing (/line fidelity). From no smoothing to very smooth.


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Hi -

No, that feature hasn’t been implemented yet. It’s on the list as RH-178 (from 1998) and I’ve added your request.

thank you for forwarding!

ExtractControlPolygon command converts smooth curve into jagged curve. The following screenshot depicts two curves. I made left curve with the Sketch command. I converted left curve into right curve with the ExtractControlPolygon command.

(CurveThroughPolyline converts jagged curve into smooth curve.)

Thanks for the tip! I tried it, but in some cases the angles become too sharp. I’m also wondering about this for drawings made with a tablet. So it’s also a question of workflow, the possibility to draw lines directly one after the other with a direct relationship between the displayed line and the pen. (without a command in between)

There is no reason to believe that the Sketch command will ever make the curve that you want. On the other hand, top slider of Smooth command will adjust it precisely.

Make simple macro to eliminate redundant clicks. Info about macros: Rhino scripting | Rhino 3-D modeling