Sketch command does not work with touchscreen

The command “sketch” does not work with touch screen if the Options-> Advanced-> Rhino.Options.Advanced.EnableWindowsGestures is set to True.

Hi @Matteoz,

The Sketch command does work with gestures enabled if you use a mouse, as input, and not the touch screen.

I believe we’ve discussed this before, here on Discourse. Rhino’s gesture support currently consists of viewport manipulation (e.g. pan, zoom, and rotate) only. If you want to use a touch screen as an input device to the Sketch command, then you will want to leave gestures disabled.

– Dale

Ok, I understand.

Our problem is that the sketch command now works with gestures if that parameter is set to false, but not if we set it to true.

as we discussed in the post you linked above the moment I disable that, as you just suggested, I will lose the selection, zoom, pan, rotate, etc…
I can t decide between having the sketch command working and pan/rotate/selection etc… they have to work both together as in Rhino5.

since it worked with rhino5, when in rhinoceros there was no management of any gesture, is it possible that you have simply overwritten the basic operation of windows here too?