Skeletal animation in Rhino 7

SubDLoft is new Rhino 7 command. It makes skeletal animation possible because it is history enabled command. Skeletal animation enables animation of people and animals. You can do it in five steps:

  1. Draw very simplified skeleton of a person - about 18 lines.
  2. Draw closed curves around the skeleton - they describe the flesh.
  3. Run the SubDLoft command to make SubD flesh.
  4. Make details and texture in the SubD flesh without breaking history.
  5. Link the skeleton to the curves in Bongo and animate the skeleton using Bongo.

I have never used Bongo 3, so I know nothing about its physics engine, but it seems that the physics engine is essential part of realistic skeletal animation. I am too busy to experiment with it now, but I will try to animate Afghan mujahideen at the end of this year.