Size of search space

Why there is a fault in the calculation of search space size in some cases in WallaceiX?
I face to this fault in the calculation in several cases, (but in rare time this calculation is true) but for example, I prepare an instance to check:

Hi Zana,

Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. There is a tiny bug that causes this issue to occur in some cases (it does not impact any of the results or optimisation though, it only impacts the number written there). We will fix this in our next release which is due in the coming months.

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Thanks, Milad;
for my curios, why just in some cases this calculation gives back mistake result? and in some other cases, it works correctly?
Isn’t there only one formula and code for these calculations?

Yes, the formula is constant. The calculation is always correct, the number that is written there has a tiny bug in some cases.

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Hi @zaNa , a new update is out. In version 2.65, this bug is fixed.

How is the “size of search space” calculated?

it is the combination of all possible values.