Site Coverage Map for numerous Lots Help


I am fairly new at grasshopper and am trying to make a script to calculate site coverage areas a town (building footprint/ lot area*100= percentage of lot covered).

So far I have managed to bring in shapefiles and make a grasshopper script which can do each lot individually, but as I have 100’s lot lots it will be a tedious process. Is there any way to consolidate it and speed up the process? Some buildings don’t line up properly and slightly go over lots, and some lots have numerous buildings. Since I haven’t been able to consolidate the work, I have been copying the script for each lot.

Once I get ther percentages, I am just hatching the lots with different fill colors.
So To summarize my questions
-How to automate the script so it can do all the lots instead of one
-how to use the numbers to color them with the gradient.

Hopefully, I am not too vague, any tips would be great!

Post files

Here you go! (22.6 KB)
banff.3dm (4.7 MB)

Below are the files, thanks for taking a look!

First of all, you need to manually fix your curves.

For example blue are the Building outlines and White the plots.

Or as you can see, there are some building outlines doubled. Once as building, once as plot.

There are many more problems. My script searches for the Center of the Buildings to Group them according to the plot. So if a Buildings goes over 3 plots, just one will be recognized. You could trim your Buildings with the plot curves or whatever. In the Picture below you see the White ones, These got no “Buildings”. The others will be colored according to theire %. There are 2 different previews. One with a real Gradient and one, where the numbers are rounded to a divided Domain.

But may it’s something to start with. (107.6 KB)


Thanks Tim, this is fantastic! Definitely a great script to start with, I obviously have a lot to learn.

As with the double outlined lots, those are town owned properties/ rentals where they carved out lots surrounding the buildings. Its weird, but strangely accurate.

The 1 building to 2-5 lots is something I need to fix though, but what you sent is an excellent start.

Thanks so much!