Sinusoidal Cam. Offset Curve and Offset Surface questions. Thank you

Hi all,

I use Rhino 5. Offset Curve on top does not work. Any other method? Offset Surface not working either. Any Other method? I’m probably doing something wrong. The help file, the animation in Flash does not work.

Sine Cam.3dm (343.2 KB)

take one of the curves and use Slab.

OffsetSrf should also work, if not pls post your file.

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encephalon. Thank you.

Not working.The sine curve is around a Cylinder, the black offset surface is not around the cylinder. Is that suppose to be like that?Sine Cam Slag.3dm (10.1 MB)

sorry i did not see that you snugged your file between the images :slight_smile:
ok so you have somehow offset the outer curve which resulted in a discontinued curve with 17 segments on the inside which then results in a polysurfacer rather than one surface.

in that case either you rebuild both with RebuildCrvNonUniform set it to tolerance 0.001 with 40 points or so and do your thing as before, or just take the outer curve but even that i would use RebuildCrvNonUniform on since it creates somewhere polysurfaces down the line and as mentioned above use slab.

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Thank you again. Offset Curve and Surface didn’t work, I think it’s something with Rhino 5. I used RebuildCrvNonUniform and Slab.


nope, when you offset curves it will usually not take your input structure into account and will rebuild the offset in favour of curvature. now when you use that for surfacing commands it will produce polysurfaces in the end.

preparing curves with RebuildCrvNonUniform to tolerance, is your best friend in such situations and perfectly normal.

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