Sinking obeject when projecting on surface

Hi Everyone,

I have been using a definition to project a large set of objects onto an uneven surface stumbling into a not satisfying end result. I am attaching a preview:

Some of the objects are completely disappeared underneath the surface.
Does anyone know a way to avoid those items sinking in the surface?

Hi - It is a lot easier to help if you post a *.gh file and reduce that file to a single item that doesn’t do what you need.

Other than that, by the looks of it, you are assuming that the 4th item in the list is always the correct one. Perhaps it isn’t?

Hi Wim,

if I reduce the file to a single item, the definition works perfectly:

So I think the issue is somehow related to the high number of objects.
ObjOnSrf.3dm (3.2 MB)
Proiettare oggetti su (10.2 KB)

the fourth item is the bottom side of the bounding box I created to find the center point to project. In another definition I also tried to use the vertices of the same side, rather than just the central one. Hoping that that would have helped to better distribute the geometry on the uneven surface. It did not work.