Single-user Educational License not supported

After a computer crash(Windows 10) our zoo server(ver. 5) was reinstalled on a Windows server 2012.
When adding our Educational licenses via Zoo administrator we get the error “Single-user Educational license not supported”. The Commercial licenses is being added just fine.
The new installation is running zoo server ver. 6.
Why can’t we use our Educational licenses after reinstall, this was not a problem on the old installation.

That almost sounds like a bug on the old installation (Zoo 5).
Educational licenses are strictly personal and cannot be shared or transferred to other people.

If I recall correctly, old versions of the Zoo did allow this - I had thought it was already changed for Zoo 5 however. In any case, the current policy is that you can no longer put individual Edu licenses in the Zoo - which is perfectly logical considering the license conditions.

What you can do however, is put an edu lab license in there. If you had a previous situation where you were using a number of single Edu licenses in the Zoo, I would contact and see if there isn’t a way to return your individual licenses and get a lab license.


Hi @morten.eriksen

Single user, educational licenses are to be used only by the purchasing student. They are non­-transferrable, and may not be used in the Zoo.

– Dale

Removing version 6 and install version 5 solved the problem. Thanks.