Single surface connecting hexagons


I wish to have a single 4 cornered surface connecting these hexagons by the circles
As the hexagons are connected and overlapping it turn into 2 surfaces when lofting them. Is it possible to join them into 1 or to draw up the surfaces in another way


chain (542.6 KB)

Here is a somewhat awkward solution following the logic that you already have.
chain (539.9 KB)

If you have the geometry from a mesh of some sort, you could also make an offset plane at each each edge using neighboring face normals and then you could simply use the offset curve command using the planes and loft.

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I’m assuming the polygons and circles in your file originally came from a mesh with tangent incircles.
If that’s the case, it will be easier to use that original data like this (19.6 KB)

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Thanks you, both solutions are good, but its better to start from scratch

Thank you!