Single polyline 2D background

Hi everybody,

I’m a long time Rhino user, but new on Grasshopper. My question will probably be very easy to answer to most of you. But it’s been three days that i’m turning around and can’t solve this problem.

In order to make some drawings with a drawbot (modified vinyl cutter), I decided to design them with Rhino as I need some vectors. My question is related to the way that I need to represent the fillings. The pen will have to make a single zigzag polyline to fill a region. Depending of the dimension of the region, the contrast wanted and the size of the pencil, I need those fill to be parametrized.

I started a canvas where I solve the first issues but can’t make it on the last one. I need the fill to be a single polyline bouncing along the boundary curve and not the separates lines I have now when i intersect the boundary.

Can someone have some tips to give me to solve it ?

Thank you!


gh|690x166 !

That assumption is often wrong.

As said by Joseph, it is not so simple, it is the one path/curve … filling problem

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Thank you for your answer. I took a eye on those two topics, but my gh skills seems to weak at the moment. I’m gonna keep going on easy stuff before going back to this. Anyway, I found an manual (and not very efficient) way of making it.

Your image shows three separate boundary areas for the hatch pattern. The one on the lower right has a notch in it (yellow below). How would any zigzag algorithm work around that notch?