Single polygon plane

For those of us who are beginners can someone explain what is a “single polygon plane”? How does one create one?

Thank you.

type meshplane, or if you are not looking for a plane but actually just a polygon it is called 3DFace, something which i also did not find at first. the naming is a bit strange, maybe at least mesh face, why would one call it 3dFace :smiley: ok whatever hope that solves the confusion.

Interesting. @encephalon --that was helpful. But that is mesh. Does the word “polygon” imply mesh and not nurbs? Do nurbs objects have polygons?

Could one create a nurbs surface with one point in each corner and none anywhere in between?

polygons can be of course closed polylines, meshes and nurbs.

the nurbs equivalent for a nurbs surface would be SrfPt, also a bit strangely named but i hope that solves now all and further upcoming confusions :smiley:

With 3 or 4 points yes. (Surface>From corner points) More corner points than 4 and the surface has to be a trimmed planar surface (made from a polyline trimming a rectangular planar surface). NURBS surfaces always have a “rectangular” structure (U/V).