Single line request

Hi forum, I usually ask about something and it already exists.
Could single line command have option of X Y or Z after initiating the that command? If it doesn’t already exist, it would be great if it respected the current plane.
I think I request this because I work mostly in the perspective viewport. Thanks, Mark

have you tried with OneView command? it will change the cplane while moving the camera, for example in the perspective.

You can hold down Shift key to draw the line in X or Y direction. You can use Vertical option to draw the line in Z direction.

Hello - you can make macros like this:

! _Line _Pause _Along r1,0,0 r2,0,0

! _Line _Pause _Along r0,1,0 r0,2,0

! _Line _Pause _Along r0,0,1 r0,0,2

It might be handy to just macro the Along and what follows, then you could use it any time.


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