Simulation roman mosaic

Some one have ideias to cretaed one plugin to do simulation roman mosaic.


Didn’t you get more than enough suggestions and inspiration from your previous thread from three years ago?

The important thing is that the pieces can follow the geometry of the curves and that they have different sizes and different spaces between the pieces, these three points are very important to have a plugin that simulates mosaics,

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This article is very positive, it only lacks the adjustment to the curves and different spaces between the pieces, do you think it is possible to make some adjustment that can help solve these points.

If rules are clear it could be doable. How much could you pay to have such a plugin? But as you want some imperfect shapes what is the purpose of such plugin. Just rendering? Productio ?

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Regarding the price, please send me your email so I can analyse it with you, the plugin is for subdividing 2D drawings (closed lines)