Simulation error: 'EPZone' object has no attribute 'cenPt' geometry

Hi. I’ve created a building manually, with levels and windows. I turned the geometry into honeybee zones, created the windows with Add glazing tool and now I’m trying to simulate it, but i get this error message: Solution exception:‘EPZone’ object has no attribute ‘cenPt’ geometry. When I try to simulate a simple geometry, just for test, it runs. Can anyone help me?
pleasecenpt.3dm (80.6 KB) (525.8 KB)

There is dedicated discourse on LB tools. You’ll probably having more chances to get answers from there.

i have tried some solutions provided but cannot get the desired results, on discourse i cannot attach images and my file as i am a new user, i need to get the results as i have to finish my college project, failing in getting the results will effect my grades

Create your account on LB discourse and you’ll get this message.

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Wait and try to post your question there.

can anyone please help me with the issue in hand as from discourse i am not getting any replies