Simulating streching and relaxation of Foil/ Membrane

Hi all,

I am working on a problem, where I want do digitalize a physical process to save time.

The application can be decribed like this:
A piece of foil get’s clamped onto a walkway around a pond or bowl like object.

Then the foil gets sucked down, until it touches the perimeter of the bowl all the way around.
In this state, paint is applied where the foil touches the bowl. Afterwards the foil gets relaxed and cut where the paint is.

Now I want to simulate the streching and relaxing of the foil, to directly get the contour for cutting the foil.
The simulation mainly uses Kangaroo components and so far I am getting close to the contours generated with the physical method, but it would be better to get closer to the “correct” one.
Red is the correct curve, blue is the output of the simaltion.
The script looks like this:

If one of you has ideas how I can improve the accuracy of this simulation, I’d be very grateful.

Please upload the simplified .gh.

Hi Quan,

Thanks for your interest.
Attached you’ll find the script I’m using.
Simulate Pond (217.4 KB)

mesh features (166.7 KB)

I guess you are trying to get a stretched mesh that has creased edges matching the mold’s hard edges.

If this is true, I would recommend you make a mesh that features the hard edge of the mold before doing the simulation. And with the polycueve extracted from the mold, you can fix the nearest vertices onto it while doing the simulation, so the final stretched membrane will feature the same hard edge.