Simulating Hygroscopic Behaviour Wood

Hello guys,
I am currently trying to develop a project where I need to simulate the hygroscopic behaviour of food in different environments. Is there a way to simulate the bending movement of wood related to its absorption of water through kangaroo or another plug in?
(related to saturation levels,…)
I would like to reproduce the movement of the project HygroSkin by Achim Menges for example.
Thank you so much for your help in advance

You might start by looking at the work by Dylan Wood, who worked on some of these projects at the ICD, and made some simulations of it with Kangaroo:

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Here’s one way of approaching this, where 2 meshes are laminated together, and one of them expands in area relative to the other, causing it to bend.
I found it curious the way that it first forms some double curvature, but with a little nudge switches to a more singly curved form, and the direction of this can be flipped. (16.0 KB)


Thank you so much Daniel, this was really helpful! I will now try and play a little with the file to try and find the function between length / fibre saturation.