Simulating a marble ramp

Is it possible to simulate the descent of a marble along a ramp?

I’m trying to create the ramp that yields the longest possible descent time, a la the Chrolo.


some years ago, I used Cinema4d for the simulation. There are a lot of tutorials and examples, e.g.

Might also be possible with Kangaroo.


Thanks Thomas for the advice! Cinema4D looks well-suited to this. However, in the interest of economy, I’m hoping to find a Kangaroo-based solution.

@DanielPiker would you have any suggestions?

Hi @reginald.raye
The goal from here should be useful

Here’s an example

marblerun.3dm (4.0 MB) (16.1 KB)

(and here if you want to include multiple balls with collisions between them (101.3 KB)
You should be able to just replace the surface inputs with a new ramp design.
Only include the stuff the ball will actually touch to avoid extra calculation.
This doesn’t consider surface friction or angular momentum, and I’m sure you’d need to make physical tests to adjust a real model, but it could be enough to get started with an idea of what could work.

Moving parts like see-saws or lifts would be a bit more work to set up but should be possible.

here’s another little 2d example


Thank you @DanielPiker! Everything worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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