Simulating a 3d print over stretched fabric effect

Hey guys,
lately, I have been making some experiences and tried to 3d print simple lines over some
stretched lycra fabrics.
I want to create a model that will simulate the bending result (adding reference pictures),
but currently, I am a bit clueless about how to do so.

I realized that in order to simulate a stretched fabric, I should apply forces
by using the ‘edge length’ component over a mesh. I was wondering if there is a way to apply different edge lengths to a single mesh, and by doing so making it bend in a specific manner.

I am adding a very simple grasshopper file, as a starting point. (12.0 KB)

(hopefully, I will add a better file soon)


Hi @rhinoyotam3
These threads might help:

hey @DanielPiker,
Thank you very much for your answer!
I was looking at the examples, and all of them are bounded by a closed rod.
Is there a way to create that shrinking effect in the middle of a mesh?
my final goal is to be able to create different patterns
such as shown here
(or simulate other patterns)

One way could be to make it all one mesh, and treat the bending parts as shells, and for the rest reduce the rest length by some factor to give tension like this (21.7 KB)


This would be great for David Shorey to test his amazing 3D prints on textiles beforehand. :slight_smile:

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