Simplifying nonuniform meshes into rectangles with same size

It is a geometry setting question. I have a definition that creates multiple nonuniform meshes (picture below). Is there a way to identify the size of each mesh and convert it into rectangular shape with same size? It would be more ideal if the end result is in BREP format. Thanks a lot.

This is the file: Sample (mesh to brep).gh (527.2 KB)


It seems you’ve already done this through your last “Mesh to Brep” grouped white. If it’s not the case, is this what you are after? See purple group.

Sample (mesh to brep) (527.4 KB)

Thanks @HS_Kim. You are correct that it is one of my objectives to find another way to convert mesh to brep. The other objective is to know whether there is a way to turn non-uniform meshes into meshes in rectangular shape with same sizes. Not sure whether it is achievable.