Simplifying models into shapes

I’m working on a project and a lot of you have been very helpful. Thank you :+1:

Now, I am trying to find a set of commands or way to simplify complicated meshes into specific shapes (circle, square, triangles, square with triangle on top, etc)

I’m thinking convert to polysurface, turn into point cloud with a point at every poly line end, delete everything but points, then I don’t know what to do to get the points connected by polylines. I have a feeling the circle will be challenging so we can leave those out of need be…This will be done to 10+ meshes,and I would like to get a good deal of shapes out of each one. Also doing this manually could be too much.

Not the best image but it gets the point across if it was 3D

So you want to…what…download or scan meshes of shapes, reverse-engineer them into a useful set of basic shapes, then look for shapes in a mesh of a church to replace them with? You might as well add “cure cancer” to your task list.

Have you tried 3D modeling? Dude, you are lost in the weeds hoping to do in months of coding what you can accomplish in a few days of just building it. If you want to “kit bash” a cathedral out of other shapes, DO IT. Make a small area. Copy it around. Make a variation and copy it around. Once you’ve made a few complete projects, then you can look at how to automate some part of it.

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@JimCarruthers Thanks for your reply. I think your totally right if we are talking about small scale projects, or if what I wanted to do is kitbash a model together manually. You don’t give yourself enough credit, I’m sure finding an answer is possible.

Allow me to simplify it.

I’d like to find a way to convert an intricate mesh model into a set of basic shapes. Maybe someone has seen something similar to this that has been done before? I started thinking separating it into smaller components and then contouring the x y and z planes. The next question would be how to convert the curves into their closest resembling shape.