Simplifying complex surfaces

Hi all,
I am creating complex surfaces from USGS data through the elk plugin for Grasshopper. It generates a VERY complex surface- millions of control points- that become too cumbersome to do anything with. I wonder if anyone has a suggestion for how to simplify these surfaces before trying to manipulate them.
Even using the 3 arc second data, the surfaces are too complex. Because I am making jewelry I definitely don’t need them to be that detailed.
Thanks in advance.

If Elk does not allow resampling, could you convert the format to a greyscale image and use Image Sampler or Heightfield?

Have you tried to refit the surfaces? Alternatively rebuild may already work. If both quick approaches do not work, you probably need to remodel your shape. Generally seen,having heavy surfaces is not equal of having highly detailed surfaces. Mastering surface modelling means to keep cp count as low as possible. For more detailed help you may post concrete data.