SimplifyEdge wish

It would be nice to have a SimplifyEdge tool which would be similar to SimplifyCrv, but work on edges (or maybe let SimplifyCrv work on edges?).


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Sure !

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… an old wish of mine … :slight_smile:

Yes good idea.

Also the buggy commands like extendsrf and mergeface that produce broken edges should be fixed so that the user doesn’t have to use SimplifyEdge or SimplifyCrv to fix what the developers are too lazy to fix.

It looks like extendsrf has been fixed since the last time I bitched about it. You can now extend an extrusion without leaving a broken edge where the extrusion used to end. I greatly appreciate that fix.

mergeface appears to be a hopeless case and is still broken.

Hi Sam - is the expected result the same as

  • DupBorder
  • UntrimAll
  • SimplifyCrv the border curve(s)
  • Trim
    That might work on a planar surface but I don’t see how this can work in general since the trims can’t in the general case (3d curved surfaces) take on the structure of the trimming curve and remain accurate (depending on the tolerance)… Maybe I am missing what you’re asking for?


It should work on any edge that can be simplified. Things like lofts or extrusions made from lines and arcs. The sides of extrusions. Pretty much any edge that qualifies for simplifycrv.

Hello - an edge is ideally within some tolerance of a surface, and it may be within some tolerance of an arc, say, so what happens if the arc it simplifies to is not within a nice tolerance of the surface? It just seems iffy to me, it would have to be smart enough to know when to quit.


The developers have those tolerances managed pretty nicely so that what you describe won’t happen. The tolerance for simplifying and joining curves is at least an order of magnitude lower than the tolerance for trimming and joining surfaces.

I don’t know what Sam was thinking of but I would find the requested command to be useful for restoring edges that have been broken back to their original pristine state. Usually that means zero change in shape. So an arc segment that has been split in two can be made one again - like SimplifyCrv does.

Yep, that case makes perfect sense - and I’ll check with the developers, just 'cause I am curious to see what they might think, but certainly it’s a wish for the heap.


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This was my thought as to how it would work as well.

Got it-