Simplify this workflow

Hello, I am probably missing something very simple :slight_smile:

  • I extrude the curve
  • then loft two edges
  • then do a boolean split with the loft surface
  • then delete part of the split.

I am convinced there’s a much easier way, would it be possible to just extrude one edge of the curve straight to a solid as the end result?


how.3dm (442.0 KB)

Hi Philippe1,

  1. extrude it as you did
  2. ExtractSrf and delete the side you want to remove
  3. SolidPtOn
  4. Drag the upper points down.


Draw all faces using SrfPt and then Joining & Capping them.

You probably need something like an “hinge from edge” extrude command , but as far i know there is no command like this in rhino…

Others possibilities :

or this :

Awesome tips guys! Appreciate it! a few 100 pieces to make, will come in handy. :slight_smile:

btw when I use move-edge, and then want to fillet the edges I get an error because actually the face is still there.
I though using join edges but this doesn’t work, anything else I could do?

In this case may be you should remove faces before move the edge explode/remove/move/join/cap and done., or use others solutions, but you will have more manipulations.

Try sub-object selection (ctrl+shift+click) to delete faces and move edges for something like this.

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