Simplify curve. Keep features


I have an urban model mesh which I need to simplify for fabrication (handmade).
I can extract the footprint (doing the “convex hull” from the vertices where z=0, blue in the image), but I need to further simplify to a 4 points polygon. Obviously a bounding box wouldn´t help as I need to keep the orientation (the bounding box is the black curve in the image).

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

There are several solutions on the forum for computing plane aligned bounding boxes that might help. Here’s an example I wrote, implemented here to find the smallest area bounding box for a planar polyline in the XY plane: (2.9 KB)

Also, it’s good the upload a file when posting. And welcome :slight_smile:

Edit: Depending on requirements, these polyline “simplification” methods might also be relevant:


Fantastic! Thank you. This works perfectly fine. (I´ll upload the file next time, noted)