Simplify Complex Polysurface


I am a beginner to intermediate Rhino user and am looking for a way to simplify a complex set of polysurfaces to be imported into a Sketchup file. I created a set of “ribbons” using twist and then flow along curve, but the file ended up being 76mB and ends up slowing down the Sketchup file it’s inserted into. As there seems to be a large number of faces and edges, is there a way to simplify the polysurfaces and cut down the resulting file size?


If they are planar you can run MergeallFaces, it may help.

A resource I recently ran across that I am sold on:

Can also be found here:


If you use Flow, Twist or other UDT deformation operations, the objects quickly get very complex with a lot of control points, which can add dramatically to file size. This is pretty much inevitable with these types of operations.

However, if you are exporting to Sketchup anyway, there is probably a workaround - Mesh the model with custom settings and then export the mesh to Sketchup - that way you can control the number of facets you have before exporting. For info on setting up your meshing parameters, you might want to look here.

Cheers, —Mitch