Simplifing a complex shape into "cuboids"?

hi everyone – I’m curious to know how this artist simplifies complex shapes into “cuboids”:
I think the software being used is Rhino (judging by the icons) …perhaps the user made a special plugin for that specific task?
many thanks & best wishes – Michael

Hi @Michael_Trew

Judging from how “badly” (from a technical point of view, not an artistic) the boxes fit the original scans, I’m guessing they just fitted the boxes manually. Wouldn’t take long, using gumball and boxedit, I think. But I might be wrong…

HTH, Jakob

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thanks Jakob – I have a feeling you’re right!
…gumball and boxedit should do the trick :slight_smile:

Also- Sub-object selection of box faces (Ctrl-Shift click) combined with Gumball. And, also-also, depending on the construction of the object,you may be able to use BoundingBox to get some initial boxes in place. Unfortunately V5 does not respect sub-objects for BoundingBox so you may have to ExtractSrf (Copy=Yes) or even Explode and then choose the faces you want to box in.