Simple way to Move Objects Orthogonally

What is the simplest way to Move an object orthogonally with the mouse based on the marked corners (red rings) which are not orthogonal, preferably without having to type in the distance? I have the feeling that I’m missing some smart move-command/trick. These small moves are numerous during a workday.

// Rolf

locking the direction with the Tab key?

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Checkout Guides.

Yes, that works. I also found that I could use SmartTrack. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. Gotta hit the sack…

// Rolf

I always do these kind of moves with gumbal set to snappy dragging. Quickly relocate the gumbal using ctrl - move it to the corner. Then move the object with arrow snapping to the point it needs to align with.

How about holding Shift when moving in desired direction?