Simple UV problem need help

Hi I am hoping to find a better workflow for a simple UV issue

I have these walls that ideally have some layered pattern (like 3d printed wall) but I don’t need the layering effect on the top and bottom of the wall.

My current workflow is
ExtractSrf on top and bottom surfaces
CylinderMapping uncapped on the side wall
Apply a uniform material on top and bottom that match the color of edge of the side wall

But the ExtractSrf part is not really practical when I have thousands of geometries. And exploded these surfaces always crashes my Rhino afterwards during rendering.
(I use CylinderMap so that I dont need to flip any abnormal UV when I have tons of geometry selected)

Is there a better workflow or Hacks to approach this? Thank for the help

The V7 allows for face materials.
If you use subselection (Conto+Shift+select) you can drag your material to the selected face only and assign a different material to other faces without exploding them.

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Just to add a variation of the suggested workflow… Ctrl+Shift held while dragging a Window selection will allow you to select all the tops at once from the polysrfs, then right click a material in the Materials panel and “Assign to Objects”. This will apply a sub-object material to the tops leaving the layered texture material on the sides using cylindrical mapping.

Note that you can’t in Rhino 7 control the mapping of any textures in the top surface material separately from the side wall using multiple mapping channels for the object but this has just been added in the Rhino WIP if you needed that.