Simple Text Fillet Fail

I really feel like this should work - text curves extruded solid but can’t fillet. If anybody would mind taking a look and letting me know just why they don’t work (and how to fix it) I would really appreciate it. I crash into this often and am never quite clear on why. Thank you!

Mike, your file is just the outlines of the letters. There’s no extrusion to solid. But they do extrude, then you can cap them.

Hi Mike- what radius(i)? Should they all be the same? In any case, as is often the case with font curves, these are a lot less than ideal for surfacing - what I see so far is segments being out of tangent and segments that are short - less than 1 unit, Meaning that a 1 unit fillet is likely to fail or fail to trim into the solids.

@Mike_Verta - see the attached - some curves cleaned up - enough to make filleting work up to 1.5 mm on all - more than that you’ll run into problems from the curves themselves having a small radius in some locations. My curves are white, yhe originals on the red layer, in case you want to compare - look around the ends of the strokes on the R, A and Q, plus the big front curve on the R.

SSZ_Logo_PG.3dm (2.7 MB)

Oops, I see a screw-up on the D - looks like 1.45 may be the max there for a constant radius fillet.


Thanks so much for this… let me take a look before asking about your specific process. Respect!

Pascal -

Is your process just Surface>Extrude Curve>Straight ([distance],Yes Solid), and then attempting to select all the solid edges and fillet? I notice the R doesn’t seem to work even with a radius of .5 or 1. Your white curves themselves seem fine…?

Hi MIke - yes, I extruded the curves solid, then crossing-window selected the front and ‘vertical’ edge from a side view, all at once. (i.e. not the back edges)


Yep, that’s what I did too, but that R still doesn’t seem to fillet. Hmmm…

Hi Mike - can you export that and the input curve you used and post it here? I’ll take a look.


OK - I included the edges in the extrusion direction as well. BTW, you can attach files directly from this editor - use the ‘up arrow’ icon when creating or editing a post.You can see where it gets funky - at the crease in the front of the R - the two converging fillets do not fully intersect so cannot be trimmed to each other - adding that ‘crease’ fillet lets it all work out.


This is so weird because no combination of edge selections are working for me…!

Hm - that one works here but I see I was careless with my layer assignments of the fixed and unfixed curves. Hold on a second please…

@Mike_Verta - these edges - all at once:

BUT, your R file is scaled differently than the orginal - smaller, so the max radius will be correspondingly smaller…

(Also, I’d work on this starting with a file tolerance of .001, not .01. On the smaller file, the size of the fillet radius is getting to be too small for .01 tolerance.)


This is what I get with even a small .5 radius. You too?

Yeah - that front curve on the R ought to be replaced with a single smooth curve as I did on the D. Font curves are not made for surface modeling- you may end up doing quite a bit of cleanup.