Simple Sweep1 example, error or bug?

Hi all,

I´m experiencing a weird problem by sweeping a simple straight line along a circular closed path (rail) to obtain a surface of revolution with Swp1 component.

If you carefully play with the “Angle” slider in (17.7 KB) you will find that there are many critical values (e.g. 5.028) that do not generate the expected surface, turn red Swp1 component, and dump an error (“Sweep could not be created”).

Am I doing something wrong or is it just some kind of bug?

Thanks a lot for your help!

PS: Should I create a new topic in GH Developers forum?

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Thank you so much guys!!!

It was as simple as using Sweep-2 instead of Sweep-1, thanks again! Definitively not a bug :slight_smile: (18.6 KB)

PS: Sorry Joseph, your solution is interesting but it does not produce the conical shape I expected. I forgot to say it explicitly. Thanks anyways! (8.9 KB)


Thanks for the interesting alternative Joseph! Good job!
Best regards,