Simple sweep 2 twists about despite dir ok

Making an eyelet.
Cannot fathom out why two circles and a line with dir in same direction twists
see attached.
I had formed two circular doughnuts, sweeping a circle around two rails,
boolean difference the inner halves away with the fabric which is a large ring so the resulting base isnt planar, so DupEdge the resulting edges, place a line between to sweep2 rails, yet it fails, cannot see why at all.
ultra simple sweep2 fails.3dm (177.4 KB)


Hello - I’d use a revolve here, to keep things as simple as possible,

but the sweep does work, here.


Hi Pascal, my sweep worked 3rd time, !!!

but now selecting it and the two half doughnuts they wont join, surely this simple act should work, it uses both edges.

Why doesnt it join ?

As the eyelet sits in a curved object the outer edges rise and fall slightly, so would the revolve not make it perfect planar on the edges ?
ultra simple sweep2 fails then wins and fails joins.3dm (202.2 KB)

Hi Steve - I’d ShinkTrimmedSrf on your existing objects before making the sweep - but the top and bottom rings are closed solids and will not join to anything.