Simple Question re Pufferfish

I’m a beginner. In the attached file, I have several surfaces. I would like to use the Net on Surface command in Grasshopper (using the pufferfish extension), in order to have a net that appears to be imploding. Im trying to make it look like a ball is hitting the net.

My issue, when I merge the surfaces lets say I merge the first dome, and square, and I apply the net to surface, it applies a net to both the square, and then the dome, which looks wrong, even though I select multiple surfaces. I think they need to be merged in rhino but this doesn’t work for me either :confused:nets.3dm (3.7 MB)

Hi @zcftjja

You can create this same workflow in Grasshopper. But as a Begginer, I think you can do fine doing some steps on Rhino as well.

See my attached video step by step with the solution. I recorded in a low resolution to upload a light file here. But, just to clarify, I rebuilded the surface using “Rebuild” command at Rhino. Then, I used the SoftEditSrf do edit the surface.

Just shout out if you need some further help.

Hope it helps!

Turns out the resolution output was the same as a XP vista using Fraps.Next time I try a 4K FULLHD.

But, just follow the same commands I mentioned above.

I can see it, thank you!

This is exactly what I meant, sorry I couldn’t quite describe it well.

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That’s fine! Hope it works! :slight_smile:

I forgot to descibre the issue:

What you’re trying to do in your file is joining two surfaces. And oh boy what a headache to get the right and valid surface so the component can work… This workaround is simpler and more effective. But as I mentioned: you can do it in Grasshopper as well.

Why is it so hard to join two surfaces?

Topology… Not always you are going to join two or more surfaces and in the end everything will be fine. There’s some rules to follow when doing it. But for now just remember this: not always easy.

ook thank you for the help :+1: