Simple mesh issue

This might be quite easy, but I can’t figure it out. Why is the simple mesh not working?

simple mesh (206.2 KB)
simple mesh issue

From what I can see, simple mesh tries to approximate each brep face to one face on the mesh. a face on a mesh is either a triangle or quadrilateral so it wouldn’t be able to handle a face with more than 4 sides like the shape in the middle.

Probably use a mesh brep to get the best result.

Ah okay. And there is no way to make it simpler? Mesh brep makes a lot of lines inside

There is a settings custom that you can use to adjust the mesh brep.
You should be able to change some numbers there to have less faces.

You could keep it all quads, instead of trying to make a complex n-gon mesh face in the middle:

Screenshot 2020-02-06 at 14.13.52

Having only quad faces might also be hugely beneficial later in your workflow, if you for instance want to smooth your mesh!

SMesh (Simple Mesh) might only work with tris or quads.

Check this out:

You need to have Weaverbird and GHPython installed! GhPython already comes with Rhino 6 though.

simple mesh issue (214.0 KB)

Oh wow thats cool, thank you very much!