Simple macro

Being trying to set up the FBX import in Modo so it could change the vertical Rhino’s Z-axis to Modo’s Y-axis but so far it works not exactly how I want it to. Please help to make a simplest macro line in Rhino for silent process so I could add that line here:

_ROTATE X-Axis -90deg (???)
_-Export Pause “D:\rhino2modo.fbx” Enter Enter

Here automation is about to use FBX temporary file as a translator : )

Anybody? Guys, relying on you :slight_smile:

Hi @Mikey,

have you tried using the FBX export options?

Unfortunately V5 haven’t this option yet : (

I tried the rotation tool within left\right cplane but being stuck somewhere in a middle… I assume there’s some very simple solution exist but I’m far far away from scripting world. e.g.LightWave3D default key mapping got a E and R keys which rotate any geometry set CW and CCW by 90 degrees around an origin\local\cursor… as simple as a brick.

Hi - with your perspective view maximized (which uses the World Top CPlane), run this macro:

RemapCPlane pause CPlane Front SelLast


It’s working now! except it rotates the items into a wrong position so I created cPlane preset and add it into your line
_RemapCPlane pause CPlane NamedCPlane
not too very handy when dealing with many files but absolutely fine for my single-time project.
Thanks a lot, Wim