Simple List Question

I’m trying to get 2 separate lists from the list in the picture. One that shows all the values that have “1” as the item and one list that shows “2” as the item

Can someone tell me what i’m doing incorrectly?

Use Match Text. It returns Boolean which can be used as a mask for sifting the text.

Hello! Thanks for responding, I believe i’ve seen you before on another one of my asks.

I think I’m a bit confused probably due to probably not asking the question right. I’ve organized the list in order already, so it shows all the 1s first and then the 2s but how for example would I use match text to make 2 separate lists for the ones and twos?

Here’s the file if necessary:
List Split - (21.6 KB)

List Split - Help Edited V0 Sift or (18.3 KB)

List Split - Help Edited V1 Sift or (22.2 KB)


OH okay, just running through it again so I can understand what’s happening here, I think this is the solution but just to make sure:

You used the “Match Text” because the Sift only works with Booleans, so you’re inputting the “1” in pattern to isolate the indices in the list that have 1 as an item. Then using dispatch you’re moving those values that are 1 to their own separate list!

Then with the remaining Sift Pattern since you’re working with a Boolean, this is where the "2"s are going yeah, but since the node can’t recognize 2 it’s a null. Thus seperating the two lists successfully?

-Is my work through right, trying to learn and all?

Yes, you are right.
As shown in the gh, Sift has one advantage:
It can provide data that could be combined back after tweaking, because it keeps the positions of the sifted-outs with nulls.

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