Simple line fillet fails

Hi, Why would a simple line fillet fail? It can be drawn with arcs etc, I get this often. Attempting to fillet top corner r=2mm. The line tangent to existing fillet is long enough ie 2mm; it should work

. Thanks

If you post a file someone can examine the case, if the cause isn’t already known.

Does this fail for every similar case, if you draw another similar case? If not, perhaps there’s a problem with the lines? Posting a file would enable someone to examine and, in the best case, answer you question.

// Rolf

Hello - are the curves coplanar? Check in an oblique view.


Curves are in same plane

Hi Dirk

If the line to fillet is long exactly 2 mm, then you might try picking the lower arc instead.

Not in every case - let me see if i can replicate. Thx

That helps - leaves the straight line which needs to be deleted afterward but far less hasle. Thanks.

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