Simple join operation takes forever

It is the third time it has happened to me in a few months:

all of a sudden, and with no apparent reason, join command takes forever to execute even for very simple curves.
It stays unresponsive for up to a few minutes and then finishes the operation.It doesn’t affect any other command, just “join”.
When this happened, I restarted the program and then everything worked fine.
has anybody had a similar experience?

Hello - I have never heard of this that I can recall. @chuck - do you have an idea?


I haven’t seen this before, either. Are you using V6? The complexity of the curves does not generally come into play, but the number of them does. Are you joining a large set of curves or just a few?

No, just two curves. It might be my system

Posting the results of the SystemInfo command might be helpful.
How many other applications or Rhino instances do you have running when this happens?

Now I have to wait for the next time (hopefully never). As I said, it happens very rarely. but I’m sure I didn’t have any other instances running and the only other applications are usually photoshop and maybe fireworks (yes this old thing)
If as it seems nobody else has had this problem, it might be something random.