Simple high/low output signal with synced picture

Hello gurus

This one is a doozey, prepare…

I have been buiding a magnificient 3D printer for 3 years now. Used to be hardcore on paper, now you can buy almost similar stuff for less than 20K. Most of the wasted time has gone in ridiculous shit such as the latest nightmare, NanoDLP freezing because of the wifi connection going down mid print. As I continue with the project it becomes more and more clear I should´ve grabbed a book of basic coding in the first place, spending the lost time on learning, but I trusted people selling products for my needs instead. Now 3 years later I am fighting with network protocols and other go-kill-your-self-shit that never was the challenge in the first place. My machine is solid on every other level but the FW configuration, which is made unobtainable for 99% of the population due to the complexity. So:

I could get the sliced pics of my 3D models with GH, I assume, but I have no idea how to get a pin on some board to go high or low with GH.

It does not matter what board, as long as there would be 2 pins doing their thing.

3 years, I want to drink myself to death.

Help me plz.

You probably could look into serial communication. There are a couple of threads on this forum doing that like