Simple Curve Networks not working

It seems like Curve Network has gotten a bit finicky since I last used it (probably when Rhino For Mac was still in Beta.) Here is a VERY simple curve network - all the corners are sealed - no gaps anywhere, yet it will not allow me to do a curve network… I mean, this is about as simple as it gets. I’ve done far more complex curve networks. One weird thing I’m noticing is that even though this is four individual curves, when it prompts you to manually select the curves, one of the long segments behaves as if it were two segments (it’s not). i.e., you can select half of it, then the other half. But it ONLY behaves this way when prompted under NetworkSrf - when you select it normally it is one piece (and it is not a segment that has ever been split or joined where it is splitting in NetworkSrf)

curvenetworkWTF.3dm (40.6 KB)

that’s only because it is a group of two curves. Use ungroup and make these to be one curve for a network…

I don’t know how it could be - it never WAS two separate curves before. It’s actually a segment from a larger curve that was split. But it was never split where it’s acting up.

And even after I did ungroup and make into one curve, Curve Network still isn’t working :frowning:

Hi Hugo- the longer curves have stacked up control points at the ends - I’d rebuild the curves as an easy way out.


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That seems to be the culprit! Thank you. … still no idea how that one segment became two grouped segments though :wink:

As Pascal says.

Also, note that the short curves are 0.04 units and your document tolerance is set to 0.01. You should probably work in mm with objects this small.

both long segments were in fact grouped curves. On the one side the two curves were joined, on the other side not.

That was just a function of copying that from my original document - which is in mm - and pasting it into a new one without resetting the dimensions.

Thank you so much for your help and quick reply - things going much smoother now :smile: