Simple cantilever analysis with an issue of unit

Hi, I got interested in Karamaba and have started off with a simple cantilever analysis but I found it difficult to manage different units.

My objective: Calculate the max deflection of a 3d printer filament (PLA) when an end is fixed and a point load acts on the other end.

I changed the settings to fit my conditions: input length unit = mm.

The resulting max deflection matches the theoretical value. But the load is displayed in kN, which is too large for my mm scale system.

Then I set CustomUnits = kN > cN, which made the result 10 times larger than it should be.

I would be glad if there is a way to change the displayed units without messing up the results.


Yuka (44.6 KB)

Hi @Yuka_Ito,

thanks for your bug report! The conversion from cN to N is currently not correct in Karamba3D. It should be 1N = 100cN and not 1N = 10cN as in version 2.2.0. I will fix this asap.

The wrong help texts at the components are not so easy to solve: Grasshopper does not allow to update that text dynamically - at least as far as I know. When placing a component on the canvas the text is set with respect to the units currently in use. A workaround would be to place a new point-load-component on the canvas.

I would recommend to set the units in the karamba.ini-file.

– Clemens

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