SimLab Composer

SimLab Composer is a stand-alone renderer and animator. I spent about two hours studying the SimLab Composer and my opinion is positive. The SimLab Composer is popular. I know it because there is huge amount of bootleg copies on the Internet. It is not buggy. I know it because its users praise it on Simlab Forums. Its price is similar to the price of Bongo plugin - SimLab Composer Mechanical costs $479. The SimLab Composer Mechanical has all features of Bongo plus skeletal animation. (The skeletal animation is used to animate people and animals.) There is no Rhino plugin, but there is link similar to Lumion and easy importing of Rhino 3dm files. The most unusual feature of SimLab is that it is located in Amman, Jordan.

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SimLab Composer Mechanical resembles Bongo 3:
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