Simerics user manual

Are there any instructions how to use Simerics in Orca. Do I need to by some software from simerics or is it embeded in Orca?

Thank you for your interest in Orca3D Marine Simulation, which is based on the Simerics CFD code. We have partnered with Simerics ( to offer a CFD tool that can be used by a naval architect to obtain accurate results in a reasonable amount of time, without the need to become a CFD specialist or the high cost of most CFD tools. There are four keys to this solution:

  1. Most of the setup of the simulation is done within Orca3D, in an interface that is familiar to the Orca3D user.
  2. Simerics has a template capability, which allows the Simerics developers to customize their code for a specific industry (e.g., marine, pumps, etc.), simplifying the setup and the interface.
  3. Simerics has a very efficient solver, allowing results to be produced in less than a day on a laptop, rather than requiring a cluster.
  4. In Orca3D, we are able to optimize the parameters for the CFD run (e.g., hull and domain grid parameters, acceleration, time step, etc.), based on the hull form and desired speed range.

Today we can demonstrate very good results with resistance prediction for both displacement and planing hulls (mono- and multi-hulls), as well as self-propelled analysis. We offer very flexible pricing options, all of which include software updates and technical support. The CFD package may be purchased as a “full-time” license, or an “intermittent” license where you can turn the license on and off on a month by month basis. Both include updates and technical support. If you use CFD on a regular basis, the full-time license would be best. If you use it on a part-time basis as projects come in, then an intermittent license would be most cost effective.

The “full-time” Simerics CFD pricing is:
· 3-month license: $3,375
· 12-month license: $10,000

The “intermittent” Simerics CFD pricing is:
· 3 months of usage during a 12-month period: $5,000
· 6 months of usage during a 24-month period: $9,000

For intermittent licenses, you may use the time in 1-month increments. Just tell us each time you want to activate your license for a month or more period.

What type of analyses are you interested in conducting? We would be happy to provide you with an on-line demonstration, if you would like to propose a day and time. This generally takes about one hour.