Silvereye crashing Grasshopper

I get this error message:

And then the whole canvas turns red and all the components vanish:

Anybody have any ideas about what’s causing this? It is R7 incompatibility?

@Michael_Pryor this plugin is required software for your webinar on June 26th, any idea if there’s a way to fix this bug?

If you read the comments on Food4Rhino, there seem to be some incompatibility issues with Rhino 7 that cause display issues. What webinar are you taking part in?

Hi Max, I am teaching Syntactic Elements V1 on June 26th. The plugin Silvereye is actually optional, just as a replacement for Galapagos. You can use Galapagos, no need to worry about Silvereye issues.

Also optional is Human, which is just for geometry previewing; Meshmachine, if you have v7 you can use TriRemesh; and Fattener, if you wanted you could probably use subd multipipe and convert back to mesh (though may have some topology issues?)


Thanks. I have everything else set up and working. I just wanted to familiarize myself with the few plugins that were new to me. Silvereye was the only one that gave me any trouble.

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